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Turkey’s Lionel Hotel introduces new innovative app

Turkey’s Lionel Hotel introduces new innovative app

Turkish Lionel Hotel has introduced an innovative application for online hotel services, according to Engin Kidan, the general manager of Lionel Hotel. In cooperation with We Bee — technology company providing end-to-end solutions — the hotel developed a...

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Syrians And Post-War Ghetto In Turkey

Cities are places where a lot of different groups of people meet. Today, the cities of Turkey are embracing newcomers who, after fleeing war, are settling down in different urban settings. Historically, cities witnessed the birth of a phenomenon exclusive to a certain...

Elections and the foreign world

Early elections are a good decision for a number of reasons. Turkey has been in campaign mood for some time, and it would have been difficult to maintain this tension for another year and a half. Holding elections right away will allow the country’s political...

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